Goals and my Subconscious Mind


My excuse for being late. Gotta love Mickey, but what time is it?!

The funniest thing just happened. Last summer I wrote a bunch of blog entries as practice and with the thought in mind that if I actually went through with the blog idea, I would have some in reserve. Today I was going through the entries, trying to put them in some order and add categories, and I came upon an entry where I was doing the same thing–that is I was reviewing past entries.

On that day I saw a prior post where I mentioned that when I write down a goal, I almost always achieve it, though not necessarily on time. In that same post,  I had set a goal of making goals in 5 areas of my life within three weeks. (Yes, I actually made a goal to set goals!). The three weeks was past, but I decided to hurriedly write down 5 goals (thinking that again I would have achieved the goal, just late, as I chronically tend to be). I promptly forgot about the entry and the goals.

Now, today, I am reviewing the goals I set and find I have achieved or taken noticeable steps in all 5 areas! Amazing. Just by writing it down, I head in that direction, even though I have no conscious recall of even writing down the goal. (We will address my memory, or lack thereof another day!) At least my Subconscious Mind works!

PS It does not work to write down goals for other people. Each year, my husband gives me the goal of being on time. No progress at all. I blame the watch!

By Lee Brennan on Thursday, January 10, 2013

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