If I Look Like a Grandma, What Does My Mom Look Like?

Grandmother playing with grandchildrenI gave birth to my youngest child at age 45. He is now 6 and I am 51. There are pros and cons to having children at this age. Fortunately for my son, one of the pros is that things that used to make me mad or sad now often make me laugh.

For example, the other day we were at the doctor’s office waiting for an appointment. He and another girl were playing with the toys provided and I was enjoying some rare magazine time. (Is there anyone but me that absolutely loves a non-urgent doctor visit where the doctor is running WAY late? A golden, guilt free opportunity to read something frivolous.) Anyway, at some point he called me mom. The little girl he was playing with exclaimed, “That’s your mom! She looks like a Grandma!!!” He leans over close to her and whispers in one of those tones that is louder than a normal voice, “I knooowww. . . .”

Damn, I guess he has noticed. Oh well, I can still run laps around most of the young moms.

The question I am hesitant to ask is, “If I look like a Grandma, what does Grandma look like?!” Probably best to just teach him the Silence is Golden rule.



By Lee Brennan on Saturday, January 12, 2013

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