Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

I believe the headline quote is attributed to Voltaire. I am not sure who Voltaire is, nor what he (she?) is, but the observation is true and timeless. I have managed to lose countless hours in search of perfection or the “right” answer. (And trust me when I say clients are not interested in paying you for those countless hours!) Unless you are teaching simple addition, there is no right answer. We live in a world that is Fifty¬†Shades of Grey (interesting, titillating and scary book by the way), every color of the rainbow, and all shades between the colors. To accomplish anything, one must quit muddling about looking for the one right answer and choose a “good enough” answer.

So what is an insecure person, looking for the absolute “right” answer, or the perfect execution of an action to do? How does the perfectionist know when they have a good enough answer?

I am not yet sure. However I am living proof of the adage that doing the same thing leads to the same results. My search for the one right answer though has cost me much. Not only money (one can only charge a client for so much research), but in confidence, satisfaction, relationships, just about everything.

This year I am resolved to do something different.

I will research, practice, plan less and do more. It is tempting to steal the Nike slogan: Just do it!, but I think when you have been so far on one side of the continuum, it might help to aim for the other side of the continuum in order land in the desired middle. So with that thought, my resolution for the first half 2013 is:

Average but Fast

I have not come up with my resolution for the remainder of 2013, but in the interest of being “Fast”, I am stopping here!

Happy New Year!

By Lee Brennan on Friday, January 4, 2013

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