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Don't you use a lighted match to fertilize your flowers?!

Don’t you use a lighted match to fertilize your flowers?!

“Just think how much fun you will have watching me 20 years from now!” I say to my husband who is laughing hysterically.. This is after he asked where the butter dish was and I said I just put it back in the fridge. “Well its not in there,” he says. Sure enough, it’s in the microwave. That’s where everyone puts their butter, right?

Yesterday I was chatting with my husband and arranging flowers. I opened a drawer to get out some flower food and found myself looking at the matches, selecting one and striking it. As I stare at the flame wondering what I was going to light, my 8 year old says, “Mom, what are you doing?” “I have no idea, absolutely no idea. My husband is just staring, speechless, as I blow out the match, spot the flowers and remember the plant food. I try to carry on as if this is normal (because in my world it is) and we both burst into laughter.

It does not help that the night before, I opened the oven to find my cornbread is flat—no rise at all. What happened I squeak, as I anxiously look down the ingredient list—ah, baking powder. Apparently baking powder is the difference between a nice corn muffin and a hockey puck. Good information to have. . .

I look forward to seeing what today holds.

By Lee Brennan on Monday, January 14, 2013

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