Competitive Meditation = Progress?

Hot Flash Yoga

Hot Flash Meditation!
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Because I have no self discipline, but can’t refuse a good bet, my sister and I have a bet going on who can meditate more. Here’s a look at my meditation progress.Watch Froning The Fittest Man In History (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The first day, I had no luck. I couldn’t get comfortable. I kept thinking of things that needed to go on my to do list. I must have thought of 50 things I should be doing, but wasn’t because I was sitting with my eyes closed dripping sweat because of a particularly brutal hot flash. I kept thinking of things I was mad about. When I did think about my breath, I apparently didn’t do it right (breathe) and couldn’t seem to get enough air. I had to take big deep breaths just to keep from getting dizzy.

The second day was not much better. The breath I was supposed to focus on was not interesting. It was like a fight between me and well, me. Me: “I need to remember to deposit that check.”; Me in a Crabby Voice: “Pay attention to your breath!” Me: Are people who pray the Rosary really meditating? Crabby Me: Pay attention to your breath! And so it went.

The third day was the worst, I was actually twitching it was so difficult to refrain from grabbing pen and paper and at least making lists. I was completely stressed by the time my alarm went off releasing me from the torture of sitting still.

The fourth day, I was I was upset with a decision my husband had made. I tried a mantra: breathe in Peace, breathe out Anger. I kept getting it backwards: In with the Anger, out with Peace!

Despite all the Anger I accidentally sucked in, I later I felt calm enough to take some of my own advice and decided this was a situation where “fake it until I made it” applied. So I bought a couple of bottles of champagne to celebrate the news I was unhappy about. Amazingly acting as if I was happy for my husband actually did make me happy for him. Or was it the champagne? Either way, it worked and we are both happy now.

Not sure it all stemmed from the meditation, but let’s give it some credit!

By Lee Brennan on Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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