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Alzheimer’s Part Two

I just realized that I failed to disclose ALL my mental mishaps last weekend. In addition to the butter, match and cornbread incidents, I also drove to the store with the intention of purchasing chips, Velveeta, Ro-Tel diced tomatoes and beer.  Four items. I got home with several bags of groceries, but do you think…Read More »

Friday, January 18 Lee Brennan

Goals and my Subconscious Mind

The funniest thing just happened. Last summer I wrote a bunch of blog entries as practice and with the thought in mind that if I actually went through with the blog idea, I would have some in reserve. Today I was going through the entries, trying to put them in some order and add categories,…Read More »

Thursday, January 10 Lee Brennan

Affirmations and When We Get Rich

My six year old has lots of grand ideas. He is a builder and a planner. He is forever drawing elaborate plans of things that he wants to build with his dad. Our living area is always covered with train tracks, block or lego or duplo cities, trains, planes, rockets, boats and very often, the…Read More »

Tuesday, January 8 Lee Brennan

Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

I believe the headline quote is attributed to Voltaire. I am not sure who Voltaire is, nor what he (she?) is, but the observation is true and timeless. I have managed to lose countless hours in search of perfection or the “right” answer. (And trust me when I say clients are not interested in paying…Read More »

Friday, January 4 Lee Brennan

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

This goes against my favorite saying: “Go With Your Guts”, and really should be taken as a corollary. If what you want to do is most likely going to lead to something positive or fun (and not too negative), then go for it. But if you are fearful because its a bad idea or you risk…Read More »

Wednesday, January 2 Lee Brennan
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