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Meditation Update

As I may have mentioned previously, I don’t seem to be able to manage to clean the house and go to the grocery store, much less create a new career, or perhaps just a weekly blog. At any rate, spring fever struck and without any conscious decision, I quit blogging altogether and spent the last…Read More »

Tuesday, April 9 Lee Brennan

The First Day of Spring

Okay, so this is way old, and my husband even got the lawnmower out yesterday, but my blog posts seem to be running just as late as Mother Nature this spring! Here is the picture taken January 1, 2013:                       And here is the video…Read More »

Monday, April 8 Lee Brennan

Things I Should Have Taught My Daughter

As my oldest child left home, I gave her a set of tools. Most had flowers on the handles, but they were real tools. I also gave her a cordless drill/driver, which is my favorite tool in the whole world. During my single years, I had learned how to use tools because it was a…Read More »

Tuesday, March 12 Lee Brennan

If I am not my Brain, Who am I?

In the past, I relied on books, magazines and audio recordings for guidance in my intermittent, but ongoing self-help journey. Recently I decided to look at blogs and today I read one on Empower Network that really sang to me, so to speak. Anytime I consider starting anything new in the business world, my brain…Read More »

Tuesday, March 5 Lee Brennan

Toilets and Tires and TGIF

So my day started with the toilet backing up and my very creative and independant 6 year old deciding that the solution would be to continue flushing–until it over flowed. A lot. I mean A LOT! Never mind I say, it’s clean house Friday, so the floor needed to be scrubbed anyway. And because it…Read More »

Friday, March 1 Lee Brennan
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