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Young Woman Meditating at the Beach

As I may have mentioned previously, I don’t seem to be able to manage to clean the house and go to the grocery store, much less create a new career, or perhaps just a weekly blog. At any rate, spring fever struck and without any conscious decision, I quit blogging altogether and spent the last several weeks catching up on paperwork, housework, menu planning etc. Oh and I also did the Deepak & Oprah 21 day Meditation to Perfect Health. I had every intention of blogging about my meditation trials and tribulations so that all of my readers (hi Mom!) could sign up with me while it was free, but alas, instead I took 28 days to get through the 21 days of meditations and I didn’t blog at all. So there.

Did it work? I am happier, but that may have something to do with the fact that it was sunny and warm enough for shorts and I went for a run yesterday. Did I achieve perfect health? I am not exactly sure what that is, but in my world it includes feet that can run without pain the next day. And that I do not have.

I did have a lightbulb moment where I realized that when it comes to meditation, I am the “missing link”.

There are all sorts of people who think meditation is bunk, there are a lesser number who think there might be something to it, but don’t manage to get around to actually meditating, and there are a few who meditate regularly and seem to make a lot of money telling us wannabe’s how life altering meditation is. And then there is me. I have actually devoted time to researching and practicing this art, and well, I can’t do it. I must have too many brains, as the thoughts just won’t stop!

However, what I did notice this time is that my thoughts sort of stream from one to another without any analysis or stress, just as they do when I am running. So while I do not get the physical good feeling, mentally, meditation seems to relax me somewhat like running does. The effects are not as long lasting, but then, I don’t meditate as long as I run, so maybe. . . Hmmm, not a chance. I have manage to improve to the point where I can sit without twitching for the full 15 minutes and even feel relaxed for the first 14 and a half, but that last 30 seconds, I am ready to GO!

By Lee Brennan on Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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  • Lil Sister
    April 9th, 2013 4:08 pm

    I think it’s like learning golf – takes a long time to be good, but even the journey is worthwhile. Here’s an article on CEOs who swear by meditation.