If I am not my Brain, Who am I?

My big brain talks way too much!

My big brain talks way too much!
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In the past, I relied on books, magazines and audio recordings for guidance in my intermittent, but ongoing self-help journey. Recently I decided to look at blogs and today I read one on Empower Network that really sang to me, so to speak.

Anytime I consider starting anything new in the business world, my brain kicks into high gear listing reasons that it won’t work. “I’m not smart enough” or “I am not good at developing a customer base”, or “no one will want to read what I write”. It goes on… “I won’t have enough time for the children” or “I’m too old.” The list of reasons seems endless.

And if I go the next step and try to visualize what it would be like if I were wildly successful, it gets even worse. “Everyone with lots of money is a snob.” “Children of wealthy people turn out to be lazy and spoiled.” Again the list goes on. According to my brain, success is apparently bad.

Yet I want to be successful–both in gaining the respect of others and financially.

So why are the voices in my head so discouraging? I am reasonably smart, well educated, have a good work ethic, a supportive family. Why shouldn’t I be able to start up a successful business?

The answer may be that my life is pretty good right now. I have a supportive family, plenty of time for my kids and since I retired from the law practice a couple of years ago, only a reasonable amount of stress. Plus, I finally have a few minutes to take care of myself.

So if I have it so good, why take any risks? Why put myself out there where I can fail. My brain is trying to keep me in this comfortable spot and protect me from harm. Unfortunately its tactics are not only hard on my self esteem, but it also is preventing me from getting to an even better place.

And, crazy as it sounds, my brain isn’t me!¬†This blog explains it better than I can, so I’ll just put the link right here: About the Brain–Harnessing the Voices Inside Your Head

I’m not sure how to stop listening to my negative brain, but I’m definitely going to work on it. Your suggestions are welcome.

p.s. If my brain isn’t me, who am I? As noted in previous posts, my brain and my mouth often act independently–hope I am not my mouth!

By Lee Brennan on Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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