Meditation Head Bob

Yoda Bobblehead

If bobblehead is good enough for Yoda, it’s surely good enough for me!

I did it! After two months of meditation practice I finally was able to quiet my mind! Sort of.

It was a rainy day. The sort where you just want to stay in bed, listen to the rain on the roof and drift in and out of sleep. Only that hasn’t happened since I first gave birth some 23 years ago. Anyway, the kids were at school, the husband at work and I decided to take a few minutes for myself. I was tired, so I drank a cup of coffee and then sat down to meditate. Things were going along as usual–all the shoulds started streaming through my mind, me trying to undo the knots in my forehead and release the thoughts, focus on my breath etc. And then,

BAM! my head falls to my chest and quickly bobs up again. It happens again. OW! By the third time my neck is starting to really hurt. Which strikes me as funny. I start laughing as I realize that I am probably the only person in the history of the world that has injured herself while meditating!

Okay, okay. Maybe I was sleeping. But I am going to call it a victory of sorts. For even if I didn’t attain a higher state, at least I was able to relax and stop the thoughts. Sore neck aside, this is progress!

And now I’m off to help Little Guru find his Lego Ironman’s facemask!





By Lee Brennan on Saturday, June 1, 2013

Categories: Just Laugh

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