Vision Board Revisited

Goals are hard for me to set. There are too many things I want to accomplish. I fear failure, I fear success. They are hard to define. I don’t know what I want. My list of excuses is endless. Periodically over my life I have managed to put pen to paper with a list of…Read More »

Sunday, January 12 Lee Brennan

Affirmations by my Son

Earlier this year I wondered if my son’s conversations which often include the phrase, “when we get rich” were actually affirmations. Since he said it so strongly and so often, will it really happen? I am sure he says it to prevent his very practical parents from saying that whatever new idea he has is…Read More »

Thursday, April 11 Lee Brennan

Affirmations and When We Get Rich

My six year old has lots of grand ideas. He is a builder and a planner. He is forever drawing elaborate plans of things that he wants to build with his dad. Our living area is always covered with train tracks, block or lego or duplo cities, trains, planes, rockets, boats and very often, the…Read More »

Tuesday, January 8 Lee Brennan