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Earlier this year I wondered if my son’s conversations which often include the phrase, “when we get rich” were actually affirmations. Since he said it so strongly and so often, will it really happen? I am sure he says it to prevent his very practical parents from saying that whatever new idea he has is too expensive. This way he can keep talking about his plan and avoid the whole money doesn’t grow on trees talk.

I decided not to tell him that he had to quit saying, “when we get rich”, but I did suggest he not say it at school. He told me the other day that he had not told anyone, but that he did tell one of his friends that he had a BIG secret. And the BIG secret is, of course, that we are going to get rich.

He has suggested several different plans for “getting” rich, and I always feel mean when I explain why the plan won’t work. Like our house is not zoned properly plus we don’t have enough parking to have a train museum that people will pay to see (probably not enough trains either, though that may be close!). Or that while daddy probably could build a nice toy, he would have to build and sell millions for us to get rich. And why Daddy can’t just build one and charge a million dollars for that one toy.

He doesn’t let it get him down so far–he just keeps working on new ideas. And I guess he’s getting a bit of an education too. Zoning, price and demand, and manufacturing are not generally covered in kindergarten.

Do we really want tickets?!

Do we really want tickets?!
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He is starting to make plans for the money: He is going to buy tickets on the Titanic II when it is complete. He is also going to buy a real General Lee (Dukes of Hazzard car) He has even asked if I will drive him to school in it, since he will be too young for a license!

Unfortunately even though he is not rich (yet), the power is already going to his head! His favorite thing to say to his sister now is: If you don’t do _________, you won’t get your part of the rich. Yes rich is a noun, he is only 6 after all. Is it too late to get him to internalize morals?

So again I should probably stop him, but part of me feels like he’s my winning lottery ticket, so I don’t.

For me affirmations are a bit like meditation. I think there is something too them, but I don’t seem to have what it takes to actually practice. So I am letting him be my little experiment. If it works for him, you can bet I will give up on the meditation and start my affirmations!

By Lee Brennan on Thursday, April 11, 2013

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