Why We Wear Shoes

Shoes are Pretty!School mornings are a little rough at our house. We are usually late and a tad disorganized. It all begins the night before when no-one wants to go to bed and everyone is too tired to prepare lunches and load backpacks in the van. It continues the next morning when one of us hits snooze and another simply sleeps through the alarm.  When we are finally up, my daughter moves as if swimming in jello–slowly, very slowly. I think she responds to requests and commands, but by then there usually isn’t enough time to give it the 5 minutes it takes for her to register the command, plan its execution and then move.

Anyway, its not uncommon for me to resort to my yelling voice: GET  * IN * THE * CAR * NOW!

The drill is, we drive to the public school where my daughter has reading or speech. In theory my son and I sit in the car for a half hour working on his homework and then he plays games on the ipad while I catch up on email. After tutoring we drive to their private school. Reality says that equally as often we are running home for forgotten medicine, a book bag, a lunch, etc. Every now and then we run to the grocery store for a Lunchable.

So what does this have to do with shoes? Well one cold morning, we dropped daughter at reading and then drove to the grocery store to buy some lunches. As I started to get out of the car I realized I had forgotten shoes. Yes Shoes! Okay, I did have on slippers, but they clearly were slippers, not shoes. I exclaimed, “Oh no, we can’t go in, I forgot my shoes!”  And my son replied, “Oh that’s okay mom, I’m sure you won’t step on anything sharp between the car and the store.”

There was a long pause as I worked through this.  Despite the fact that half the shoes I own actually make my feet hurt (but they look good!) the real purpose of shoes is to protect our feet! So clear to a 7 year old, so lost in vanity to me.

And what kind of role model would I be if I refused to go in the store because I didn’t look good? So I started to get out of the car–

and was saved. . .

I had forgotten my purse too!

By Lee Brennan on Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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