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Hey Siri Comma, I have a problem Period.

Nope, I’m not talking about the kind of period that plagues women throughout what could arguably be called their best years. Although those are indeed sometimes a problem. No, I’m talking about the kind of period that should come silently at the end of a sentence. The problem didn’t start when I began using Siri…Read More »

Wednesday, April 20 Lil Sister

Why We Wear Shoes

School mornings are a little rough at our house. We are usually late and a tad disorganized. It all begins the night before when no-one wants to go to bed and everyone is too tired to prepare lunches and load backpacks in the van. It continues the next morning when one of us hits snooze…Read More »

Tuesday, January 7 Lee Brennan

Meditation Head Bob

I did it! After two months of meditation practice I finally was able to quiet my mind! Sort of. It was a rainy day. The sort where you just want to stay in bed, listen to the rain on the roof and drift in and out of sleep. Only that hasn’t happened since I first…Read More »

Saturday, June 1 Lee Brennan

Meditation by Buddy

Previously I have wondered whether my son’s (age 6) frequent statements regarding “when we get rich. . .” were affirmations. Today I found him lying on the floor by the sliding glass door, covered with his favorite blanket and gazing up into the leaves of the oak tree. I asked if he was okay and…Read More »

Friday, May 24 Lee Brennan

Affirmations by my Son

Earlier this year I wondered if my son’s conversations which often include the phrase, “when we get rich” were actually affirmations. Since he said it so strongly and so often, will it really happen? I am sure he says it to prevent his very practical parents from saying that whatever new idea he has is…Read More »

Thursday, April 11 Lee Brennan
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