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Fake it until you make it–it works!

I saw a bit of a show on laughter. You probably won’t be surprised at this point that I cannot remember what show or even whether it was on television or the computer! At any rate there apparently is some research that indicates that even if you fake a smile or laugh, your mood will…Read More »

Monday, January 28 Lee Brennan

Alzheimer’s Part Two

I just realized that I failed to disclose ALL my mental mishaps last weekend. In addition to the butter, match and cornbread incidents, I also drove to the store with the intention of purchasing chips, Velveeta, Ro-Tel diced tomatoes and beer. ¬†Four items. I got home with several bags of groceries, but do you think…Read More »

Friday, January 18 Lee Brennan

If I Look Like a Grandma, What Does My Mom Look Like?

I gave birth to my youngest child at age 45. He is now 6 and I am 51. There are pros and cons to having children at this age. Fortunately for my son, one of the pros is that things that used to make me mad or sad now often make me laugh. For example,…Read More »

Saturday, January 12 Lee Brennan

Affirmations and When We Get Rich

My six year old has lots of grand ideas. He is a builder and a planner. He is forever drawing elaborate plans of things that he wants to build with his dad. Our living area is always covered with train tracks, block or lego or duplo cities, trains, planes, rockets, boats and very often, the…Read More »

Tuesday, January 8 Lee Brennan