Brain v Mouth

See why my mouth can't keep up with my brain?!

See why my mouth can’t keep up with my brain?!
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My thoughts are always in overdrive and the rest of my body muddles around somewhere between first gear and reverse. This is unfortunate, because I think I have a lot of very fine and useful thoughts, but they come and go before my body can communicate.

Sometimes my mouth tries to catch up by skipping to the present. The result is something like my phone call to my mother last night.

Her voicemail picked up, so while my mouth was waiting for the beep, my brain was on to the next phone call, which was to my sister Jean. When the beep finally came, I said, “Hi Mom, This is” at which point my mouth decided to catch up to my brain which was thinking about the call to my sister and said, “Jean”. Realizing my mistake, I burst into laughter and finally just hung up.

Leaving my poor mother with the impression that this time I truly have lost my marbles and think I am my sister!

By Lee Brennan on Sunday, February 10, 2013

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