Buttons Part II

This guy has no buttons, but you can see where they would be a problem!

We just returned from a visit with my sister. She has no children of her own, so with no risk of retaliation, she is free to spoil mine rotten. She thinks of all sorts of activities and games to play; the other day she put on the Limbo song and they put together a make shift Limbo stick. Their rules were loose as to what form was acceptable, so when the stick was pretty low, she laid down on the floor and began to scootch. It became clear that her “Buttons” were not going to make it under the stick, so she said, “I can’t make it, I give up.” At which point, my dearest son said, “I’ll help you” and proceeded to place his hands on her Buttons and push down!

Game over.

As I said, he is creative and a problem solver.

P.S. Neither she nor I wet our pants from laughing. At least not much. He now thinks that her buttons are her ticklish spot.

P.P.S. Once again, difficult to come up with appropriate pictures!

By Lee Brennan on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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