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Toilets and Tires and TGIF

So my day started with the toilet backing up and my very creative and independant 6 year old deciding that the solution would be to continue flushing–until it over flowed. A lot. I mean A LOT! Never mind I say, it’s clean house Friday, so the floor needed to be scrubbed anyway. And because it…Read More »

Friday, March 1 Lee Brennan


Chubs’ proper name is Tanto, given to him by my oldest daughter. He is allegedly a purebred Pomeranian, and supposed to be 7-10 pounds. A purse puppy. Well, either he is a “throwback” or the American Eskimo (also bred at the same breeder) somehow got into the Pomeranian pen. Either way, he’s no purse puppy!…Read More »

Thursday, February 28 Lee Brennan

Selective Deafness? Maybe Not!

My children carry on as if I am not speaking so often that I sometimes wonder if I am. One time I even took my son in to get a hearing test! His hearing was fine. Apparently they are not motivated to hear me. Or they prefer the tv. Or something. At any rate it…Read More »

Monday, February 25 Lee Brennan

Buttons Part II

We just returned from a visit with my sister. She has no children of her own, so with no risk of retaliation, she is free to spoil mine rotten. She thinks of all sorts of activities and games to play; the other day she put on the Limbo song and they put together a make…Read More »

Wednesday, February 13 Lee Brennan


My son, age 6, is very creative and a problem solver. As a mother of four (that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it) I have the ability to tune out most noise and focus on whatever it is that I am focusing on. Like most children, he needs me most when I am…Read More »

Monday, February 11 Lee Brennan
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